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Each road you travel, Fleetwood has The RV to match your high criteria and lifestyle. We construct the recreational vehicles America needs, accounting for nearly one out of every three RVs on the road today.

How Do We Do It? We Call It The Fleetwood Equation.

SSQV – Size, Service, Quality, and Value. Collectively they cling to the very best RV it is possible to purchase and why you must purchase a Fleetwood over any other brand.


Over the last half-century, Fleetwood has grown to become the largest manufacturer of uncrewed vehicles on earth. Fleetwood remains year in, year out, the most prominent, most influential, innovative, and recognized leader in the RV industry.


With over 1,100 service retailers in the United States and Canada, Fleetwood has the largest network in the RV market. No new RV Company comes close to equaling this vital customer care system. Fleetwood RV providers’ traders have instantaneous, real-time electronic access to your service records in addition to parts stock and warranty repair consent inquiries. We also supply a customer call center for product and service information, so regardless of where you travel in North America, professional service and quick answers are always nearby.


In Fleetwood, quality starts at the Plan Point, so every trainer is assembled right, right from the beginning. Following design approval, full-functioning prototypes are constructed, then punished to a test track and subjected to accelerated life cycle tests where a couple of weeks may equal years of regular use.

The Same time, systems, and components Are test-cycled thousands of occasions reassuring decades of problem-free use. Once qualified for manufacturing, every unit is constructed by skilled technicians with quality components and materials, most of which can be sourced via, or fabricated by our subsidiary companies like Gold Shield Fiberglass and Continental Lumber Products.

Fleetwood engineers define the Best These companies are experts in their respective fields and play a considerable part as partners, not just suppliers.All this assures that each Fleetwood RV Has the fit, finish, and information demanded by our high criteria –and yours.


At Fleetwood RV, we look at significance as the Amount of what we offer. Worth is our style, engineering experience, and innovative manufacturing procedures.


Worth is structures and components that are Worth isOwnercare–a one-year/three-year warranty with coverage from a business that will be around shortly to service your requirements. Ownercare is among the RV industry’s most comprehensive applications and contains applications and systems, construction, no deductible, and no service charge. And it’s entirely transferable for the first 12 weeks. See your nearest Fleetwood dealer for a complete explanation of benefits and limitations.

Value is client satisfaction. When requested, More seasoned RV owners could urge Fleetwood into a buddy than every other brand. Fleetwood RVs always hold their value much better than most RVs at trade-in time. Worth is reassurance.